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Current Class Schedule
ALL classes MUST be registered for - no drop-ins are allowed at this time. Please click on the "Register" tab above to create an online account. Thank you! 


TRX: An amazing way to build your strength fast! Developed by a navy seal, TRX is suspension training that utilizes core strength and your own body weight to tighten and strengthen your muscles.

Core Bootcamp: A class focused on your abdominals and lower back! Blast your abs by using your own body weight, the TRX and exercise balls, you can get the six pack you've always dreamed of having!

Circuit Training: Tough, but SO worth it. An interval training class where you'll go around the room to multiple cardio and strength based stations and achieve a total body workout.

Tabata: An enhanced version of interval training, this class centers around alternating short, but intense periods of an exercise with brief recovery periods. A challenging, but fun way to get a total body workout in in a shorter period of time! 

Spin & TRX: A fun and high energy combo class - half cycling intervals and half strength exercises with the TRX. The perfect class to get your week started off right!

Barre Bootcamp: A great combo class that takes your normal Barre class up a notch. Start off strong with some great bootcamp exercises, then hit your lower body and core with some killer barre moves and some cardio burst between.

 Bootcamp: Our Award Winning Bootcamp! A high intensity workout that gets your heart rate pulsing in no time! Centered around utilizing and strengthening all major muscle groups, with squats, lunges and pushups and even a tractor tire or two thrown in for good measure.

Bootcamp Classes can consist of any of the following elements. We strive to make  every class fun & different!

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